Google Chrome Canary 56.0.2891.5

An alpha version of the popular web browser Google Chrome that gives you access to the latest upcoming updates and features

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    Internet Utilities

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Google Chrome Canary is the Alpha version of Google Chrome, intended for software collectors and people interested in examining the development process of the Chrome browser.

Google Chrome Canary is not intended for general usage. It contains all the new features that Google is willing to let users test. There's no promise that the software is stable, and it shouldn't be taken for granted that there are no undiscovered vulnerabilities. However, it's very useful for people developing new extensions and hobbyists who are interested in seeing what Google has cooked up for future versions of the Chrome browser.

Google Chrome Canary is constantly changing. It's equivalent to what some software companies call "nightly builds." If you see a feature in this software, it may be gutted before the official release. You're free to keep using it, but Google explicitly states that there is no guarantee all features you'll see in Canary will continue to be developed or even supported. It would be unwise to use this on a daily basis. There's a high possibility of crashes and data loss. If you'd like to always be on the cutting edge, you should try the Beta version rather than the Alpha version.

Overall, it's nice that Google offers this Alpha. Not all companies do this, and it gives the public a chance to see how development is going and test out features. As long as it's used for the right purposes, Google Chrome Canary is an excellent download.


  • Users get to test out all new Chrome features for free
  • Excellent for people developing extensions


  • Daily use can lead to crashes and data loss as well as other problems
  • Users may make themselves vulnerable by running certain versions of Canary online

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